Electric scissor lifts are perfect for garage or warehouse settings.

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rental buildings

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scissor lift

If you’ve been in the market for an electric scissor lift, it may be challenging to know what to look for to make a purchase.


Here are some of the key features that you want to think about when exploring your options:

weight rating

The weight rating is a must-have factor when shopping for an electric scissor lift.

The weight rating

of the machine

It should match a corresponding lifting capacity and payload (load). The lifting capacity is how much weight your machine can carry, while the payload is how much space you’ll have left on top of that load limit. Get more information about liftutleie.

A power management system typically comes with each lift and controls the amount of electrical energy it consumes. In addition, it also controls the cutting cycles of the machine, ensuring that the blade rotation is maintained at all times. The power management system is arguably the essential feature of an electric scissor lift because it can help you save on electricity bills.

The product width is the measurement taken between the widest part of the machine (typically halfway up the arm) to its parallel portion on the opposite side.


small elevator

The product width is a crucial factor in helping you determine whether your machine can adequately fit in an area where you want it to go, such as a hallway or small elevator.

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You should always ensure you have enough room for your machine before purchasing. To provide lift and stability for your electric scissor lift, you typically want to use a four-wheel drive system. Learn more about sakselift.


supporting anchor

Meanwhile, rail configuration refers to how many legs are used as a supporting anchor for your lift. It is important to consider how long the model you are considering will take.

The longer it is, the more comfortable you will be on your feet while using it. In addition, if you need to lift unusually large objects or climb stairs, then choosing a model with a longer lifting height is ideal.

The longest models are perfect for taller objects such as a roof or roofing materials. Some models are limited to lifting a load of 480 pounds. The majority, however, can handle around 18,000 pounds.

If you need a heavy-duty model that is the most efficient in lifting heavy objects then make sure to research the power and speed of the engine. Like most mechanical devices, scissor lifts require gas or diesel fuel to run.

Electric or Manual

Electric scissor lifts are perfect for garage or warehouse settings. They require little to no maintenance and can handle heavier loads than their manual counterparts. One of the advantages of an electric lift is that they have a lift height that can be adjusted easily.

Manual models are perfect for warehouses, workshops, and other areas in which the power grid is not reliable or may not be available at all. You will also save money on fuel costs and maintenance since there is no engine to work on.

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