Electric scissor lifts are perfect for garage or warehouse settings.

When it comes to lifting heavy objects to higher areas, you have a few options, depending on your needs.

ground level

If you only need to lift an object from ground level to waist height, a mobile scissor lift is perfect for the job.


You can then raise it to as much as 15 feet high with the manual telescoping handrail. For larger objects,

lifted higher

Larger objects that need to be lifted higher and out of arm's reach, an electric scissor lifts will do the trick.

rental lift

Here are some of the important factors to consider when looking for a rental lift.

when shopping

for a rental lift

The most important factor to look at when shopping for a rental lift is its capacity. If you need it to lift large and heavy objects, then you will want the best that can give you the most capacity. Make sure that the model will have enough space to accommodate the objects you need it for. In addition, be sure that if you are planning on purchasing a particular model, then it meets all local building codes and fire regulations. You do not want to compromise safety for convenience.

If you are busy or have little space to store a large lift, then you may want to consider a scissor lift that can be folded and stored easily. This makes it easy to get it in and out of storage without taking up too much space. Most models come with fold-down seats, making them perfect for the garage or workshop. The rest of the lift can be stored safely and securely in the basement or attic.



It is important to consider how long the model you are considering will take. The longer it is, the more comfortable you will be on your feet while using it.

paul-becker-3HhKExHoemA-unsplash (1)

climb stairs

In addition, if you need to lift unusually large objects or climb stairs, then choosing a model with a longer lifting height is ideal.


supporting anchor

The longest models are perfect for taller objects such as a roof or roofing materials. Some models are limited to lifting a load of 480 pounds. 

The majority, however, can handle around 18,000 pounds. If you need a heavy-duty model that is the most efficient in lifting heavy objects then make sure to research the power and speed of the engine.

Like most mechanical devices, scissor lifts require gas or diesel fuel to run. Investing in a powerful lift will save you money and energy over time.

Electric scissor lifts are perfect for garage or warehouse settings. They require little to no maintenance and can handle heavier loads than their manual counterparts.

Electric or Manual

One of the advantages of an electric lift is that they have a lift height that can be adjusted easily. Manual models are perfect for warehouses, workshops, and other areas in which the power grid is not reliable or may not be available at all. You will also save money on fuel costs and maintenance since there is no engine to work on.

For the best rental lifts, we have all the top lifting equipment in the market today. We are proud to offer affordable rental scissor lifts, electric scissor lifts, truck-mounted lifts, and more. Make sure that you consider the above factors when looking for the best lift for your needs.